What Is Our Water Park Made Of?

Our water park is designed with multiple interconnected areas, all with various routes equipped with obstacles made for...

What makes our water park such an exciting experience is all of our thrilling obstacles suited for every level. Each inflatable obstacle has various ways of conquering so whether you want a more relaxed session or an extreme challenge, our obstacles are for you!

Our water park is designed with multiple interconnected areas, all with various routes equipped with obstacles made for the thrill seeker to confidence builder. Located on a designated area in beautiful Willen Lake, our inflatable water park is proving to be a popular attraction for everyone from the age of 8 in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. With such a vast variety in challenges, each water adventure for our guests provides a different and exciting session.

To see what our water park holds, check out some of the obstacles below:

  1. Launch Pad – where the fun and course begins!
  2. Wave Rider – warm up your legs with our slippery and thrilling walkways.
  3. Tire Run – jump across each tyre shaped humps to get across. (American company = American spelling!).
  4. Overpass - the curved tunnel.
  5. Bypass - a short tunnel.
  6. Apex 20 - a slanted hump – the quicker you run over the easier it is!
  7. Apex 30 – trickier double slanted humps.
  8. Risky Business – the quicker you run, the more fun you have. Test out our humped walkway.
  9. Ninja Jump – the moment everyone gets to experience being a Ninja. Jump side to side to get across. No prior skills required!
  10. Dragontail – a narrow walkway to slip through.
  11. Mulligan – a corner area with a lower platform to help people get back on – or hangout.
  12. Central Park – climb up and slide in, but can you get back out? This is guaranteed to make you laugh with your mates.  
  13. Diamond -  a diamond shaped walkway to showcase your balancing skills. It includes a raised and lower walkway.
  14. Figure 8 – slide into infinity with this figure-8 shaped slide.
  15. Whirlpool – want to relax or soak up the sun for a moment? Then this is the chilliest place on the park.
  16. Temple – climb the temple to get to the other side, handles included.
  17. The Narrows – up for a challenge or looking to boost your confidence? This climbing wall has one side that is harder than the other.
  18. Moon Jump – walk/run around the 3 large balls or challenge yourself and jump on top, across all 3!
  19. Freefall Supreme - our larger slide – a crowd favourite!
  20. Freefall Extreme - our littler slide.
  21. Monkey Dome – we encourage you to monkey around! Cross over using our monkey bars.
  22. Catapult – make a BIG splash with our swing.
  23. Universal Thunderdome – climbing dome to wake up your inner Spidey.
  24. Crow’s Nest – perch or jump over, your choice.
  25. Neptune Steps- 10 of these situated around the park with steps under the water so you can step straight out of the water back onto the park.

Your excitement, as well as your safety is our main goal and we want our obstacles to suit everyone’s style. So, don’t miss your chance to start your water adventure! Book today and let us know which obstacle is your favourite.