Dive in Deep: Debunking the myths for Aqua Parcs

Over the years, Aqua Parcs has surged in popularity as it offers the perfect balance...

Over the years, Aqua Parcs has surged in popularity as it offers the perfect balance
of adventure and physical exercise – thousands have visited in the past seven years
but some haven’t. Why? Who knows but we’re here to breakdown any barriers and
dispel any misconceptions.
Let’s begin…

1. The water is too cold…
Open water locations in the UK can be cold, we aren’t going to lie, however when
tackling the obstacle course at Aqua Parcs, you will be racing around challenging
friends and family that you won’t even notice. We provide you with wetsuits, which
will help shield you from the cold.

2. The fish and reeds will touch my feet…
This is a common fear that a lot of our participants have, so you are not alone!
During your visit to Aqua Parcs it is highly unlikely for you to come face to face with a
fish. Now the park is in deeper water, you don’t tend to feel the reeds either – even if
you do, they’re just plants wanting to tickle your feet

3. Aqua Parcs is too risky…
[X-Factor style buzzer sound]! Aqua Parcs employs trained lifeguards who are
equipped with safety equipment. Before even stepping foot on the course, there will
be a safety briefing, and you will be provided with a buoyancy aid. If you still feel
unsure, we have trained and professional staff who can help ease your nerves.

4. Willen Lake smells a bit funny
It’s not actually Willen Lake that sometimes smells a bit pongy, it’s the neighbouring
sewage works. With a wind blowing in across to the lake, this is why it sometimes
has a smell – but it’s actually not very often thankfully.

5. The water is dirty
A bit dramatic but let’s look at this. Yes, if you’re regularly drinking litres and litres of
lake water, you’re going to get a bit ill but generally most people don’t do this. When
on the park you might swallow a small bit of water but not enough to make you sick.
The water quality is tested every month so you can rest assured that Aqua Parcs
would not allow our guests to enter the water if the test results were negative

6. A sword was found in the lake?
As much as many of us love the story of Excalibre and the lady of the lake, the story
that appeared in 2019 was actually a PR Stunt – and wow it got you talking. See the
story here: ‘Excalibur’ sword found at Willen Lake - MKFM 106.3FM - Radio Made in Milton

7. Aqua Parcs is only fun if it's sunny…
Incorrect! Aqua Parcs is fun in all weather types. If anything, a bit of wind and rain
makes it more exciting. You have a harder challenge to face and the rain makes it
slipperier, so which one of your friends would be the first one to fall in?

Now that we have dispelled a few myths it's time for you to challenge your friends
and book your slot today. https://www.aquaparcs.co.uk/#choose-your-experience