What Is A Water Park?

You have probably heard of water parks but might have wondered what to expect, what obstacles or activities are involved...

Looking for something different, exciting, or an activity just to cool you down? You have probably heard of water parks but might have wondered what to expect, what obstacles or activities are involved, or even how safe it is for you and your kids?

Let us tell you exactly what you will find at our water park. The term ‘water park’ or sometimes referred as a ‘Aqua Park’, can be interpreted as a theme park full of water slides or a gated area with water fountains, but here at Milton Keynes, you will find an exciting environment full of thrilling obstacles located on TOP of a body of water.

You will find our water park is completely different yet still a thrilling experience for you, friends and for all of your family starting from the age of 6. When you mix inflatable obstacles with water it creates a slippery adventure that is guaranteed to make anyone smile.

“I’ve never laughed so hard. Watching my friend slip and try to maneuverer around the obstacles was a great laugh. She ended up pushing me in to the water, so she had a laugh herself. Definitely recommend it! I’ll be coming back!”  - Sarah, 42.

We’ve been open for two seasons now which means we’ve increased our obstacles and the course has become more challenging (don’t worry as each obstacle has easier routes as well). Adventure is the name of the game, and it includes over 30 inflatable obstacles which include the popular Freefall Supreme and the mighty Moon Jump.

You can find us at the beautiful Willen Lake run by the Parks Trust so bring the whole family as the park boasts a pub, café, fairground rides, high climbing rope course, splash park, and lots of reasonable paid parking. Or, if you prefer, you can take a gentle stroll around the lakes and take in the natural beauty of the area. Willen Lake is in total, 100 acres in size and located in the heart of Milton Keynes so you don’t have to go far to get here.

Also, no matter the weather - rain or shine, our water park makes a fantastic choice for families, friends, or group events. It allows you to break out of your comfort zone in a friendly and safe environment which is sure to create unforgettable memories.

You will find our lifeguard policy of 15-1 which allows for 1 lifeguard per 15 guests on the park. They are open water trained which means they have learned a wider skills base than your average lifeguard. Our lifeguards are also available to help you get back on the water park if you fall off and can offer tips to help you navigate the tricky obstacles.

Do we have you considering our water park yet? When you book, you can go alone or bring your friends and/or family to encourage a friendly competition on who can make it across without falling in!

So what are you waiting for? Book a session (or two) at our water park! Each session is £20 for a single ticket or if you wish to extend your fun and book a double session (an extra 50 minutes on the park!), the second slot would just cost £10 per person. This applies to single and Family Pass tickets.

Once booked, your adventure starts with being greeted by a Aqua Parc friendly team member that will walk you through all the steps to staying safe on the park, get you kitted out with all the free equipment (wet suit and buoyancy aid) and get you prepared for your bucket list worthy experience.

If you want to see footage of our water park, please visit our Facebook page to see the most recent updates and videos.