Team Building With A Splash

An opportunity to boost productivity and motivation to drive efficiency is through a team-building activity, outside of the day-to-d

Building effective teams is a common desire felt by many businesses and sports teams. An opportunity to boost productivity and motivation to drive efficiency is through a team-building activity, outside of the day-to-day schedule. It’s found that these activities are great in improving group skills, communication, morale, and an overall cohesion of a team. Depending on your organisation, there are various team building categories to help narrow an activity. The top five are:

  • Personality based
  • Activity based
  • Problem-solving based
  • Skills based
  • Social based

Taking employees out of their day-to-day schedule can break through personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and allow your team to have fun. Overall, team-building activities present many benefits for an organisation, in which some include:

  • Improves leadership skills
  • Breaks through communication barriers
  • Builds greater confidence
  • Improves respect
  • Builds stronger relationships

However, these activities can sometimes become a “try hard” activity and something team members can feel forced to do especially if the activity is seen as awkward or a waste of time. To see positive benefits and appeal to your team involves an activity that allows everyone to step out of their comfort zone in a safe and encouraging environment.

Here at Aqua Parcs, we have hosted many team-building days out activities from large corporate businesses to local football teams. We have first-hand experience in witnessing the success of exchanging a suit or uniform for a wet suit. Our water park allows guests to break out of their shell and encourage one another to have fun.

Our water park creates a unique environment for your team that presents fun challenges and unlimited laughs. From the first plunge into the water all the way to jumping across our Moon Jump, it is the ideal environment to boost morale.

“Getting out of the office and doing something like this was great. It was so much fun! All of us were laughing, chatting, and encouraging each other. I hope we get to do this every year.” – Alex, Marketing Executive.

To create a personalised experience, we do offer exclusive hires which is a great opportunity for your team to focus on each other and enjoy the day. To make the most of the time out, we are located on the stunning Willen Lake with plenty of paid parking, a large pub with delicious food (and beer!), and tons of open space to gather afterwards.