An Exciting Corporate Event Idea in Milton Keynes

Are you trying to organise a corporate event? The process of organising a unique corporate event can be challenging...

Are you trying to organise a corporate event? The process of organising a unique corporate event can be challenging. It’s of course, incredibly important to ensure that your corporate event isn’t the same as everyone else’s. If it is, how will you ensure it sticks in your guest’s mind? If you are currently going through the challenge of finding unique corporate event ideas Milton Keynes, you have come to the right place. Continue reading and we will share one of the most exciting and memorable corporate event ideas to try as of now.

The issue with traditional corporate events

Corporate events are quite important. They play a major role in networking and team building. On the other hand, corporate events can assist you with impressing clients as well. This is the main reason on why you should organise corporate events regularly. The effort you invest on those events can deliver amazing returns in the long run.

Predictably, most corporate events end up with meal outings, bowling or a glass of Prosecco and a buffet. Such events are not exciting at all and you’ll struggle to ensure that the event is spoken about for weeks, months or years to come. If the event doesn’t stick in your guest’s mind, has it truly added value to your brand? This is where you will need to look for an event idea that is unique, memorable and exciting. Then you will be able to make the corporate event a talking point for everyone.

Introducing Aqua Parcs – The ultimate corporate events idea

If you’re looking to organise a unique corporate event in Milton Keynes, we’d love to invite you to look at Aqua Parcs. We provide the ultimate day out, a perfect outdoor fun activity for any group, of any age. Just imagine the fun that’ll be had by your guests as they run, jump, slide and splash their way across a giant inflatable assault course situated on one of the most picturesque lakes in all of Milton Keynes.

We pride ourselves on ensuring Aqua Parcs is one of, if not the best water-based assault course in the area. This is not only because we have over 400m of inflatable fun, but also because our team will do their best to ensure everything on your day goes smoothly. People who go through this course will encounter more than 30 different challenges. All these challenges are categorised into three different sections allowing you and your guests to split up into groups, or attack each part of the course as a team. You decide! We truly believe it’s possible for anyone to have a unique and a fun-filled experience on our park.

What’s special about Aqua Parcs?

We’ve made it clear why we think you should opt for something special for your event. We’ve also described why we think a water park is a unique and memorable option for an amazing corporate event. But, why should you choose Aqua Parcs specifically?

- We offer an ultimate day-out experience

Moving away from traditional options means that your experience will be miles above the norm. You can guarantee that your guests will remember their day on our park, which will ensure your messaging also sticks in their mind. Whether you’re trying to drive your brand to new customers, or whether you’re trying to promote teamwork and cohesive action, a session on the park is sure to highlight and bake this message into memory.

- Over 400 meters of inflatable fun

Aqua Parcs is made out of 3 different interconnected areas with a total length of more than 400 meters. Anyone can take part in 30+ obstacles along the course and have a fun-filled experience. Overcoming all obstacles would be a thrilling experience for the participants both individually, and as a team. Every single obstacle has few different ways of conquering it. This ensures a pleasant challenge, promoting teamwork and skill sharing in order to make it across without creating a splash. Whether they want to have a smooth experience or go through extreme challenges, the obstacles at Aqua Parcs can cater to their needs.

- Get the most out of good weather, or enjoy the course in the rain, it’s all still fun!

Visiting a water park is one of the best options available to make the most out of warm weather. We’re aware that this isn’t always the case, however when the sun IS shining, is there anything better than enjoying it on a lake? When the weather isn’t so forgiving, the fun doesn’t stop. We provide every guest with a wetsuit, ensuring that whatever the weather, you stay warm, comfortable and dry (on the inside…)

- Want to increase competition? Ask us for a leaderboard!

Although this doesn’t come as standard, we’re more than happy to help increase the competitive side by providing a leaderboard. This could be based around how many times they fall off through to how fast they can make it through a certain section of the course. This will add more energy to the corporate event and make it more enjoyable for everyone. In other words, you can make sure that the corporate events you have at Aqua Parcs are never boring.

- On-duty lifeguards

There is no need to worry about the safety of the participants at Aqua Parcs. That’s because there’s a team of on-duty lifeguards, who will continue to monitor the goings on around the course. If something goes wrong, they will quickly get into action and provide much-needed assistance to the people. On top of this we provide wetsuits and buoyancy aids to all guests, ensuring they will be able to take part in the course here at Aqua Parcs while keeping peace of mind.

Go ahead and have your next corporate event at Aqua Parcs, click here to contact our team and get booked in!

We honestly do feel that Aqua Parcs is capable of offering the best corporate events in Milton Keynes. Anyone who is looking for unique corporate event ideas should take a look at what’s offered by our team here at Aqua Parcs. This is something truly special that you can book, providing a memorable and exciting experience for all of your guests.